What is Forex? Forex is an abbreviation of Foreign Exchange it is the largest financial market in the world.

The Forex market is the place where currencies are traded (currencies are money that is used as an exchange medium). In other words, it is the place where currencies are being sold and bought. In the Forex market all currencies are traded in real time.


The eToro platform provides traders with all the essential FX trading tools, including Forex alerts, Forex analysis, various charts of Forex exchange rates, Forex forums, Forex tips and Forex tutorials.

Free practice account with live currency rates, Up to $1000 welcome bonus, Free currency trading guides and tutorials , Leverages of up to 1:400, A VIP account with special benefits, Interactive charting tools


Finexos primary belief is that the Forex market is not just for professional investors, traders and institutions, rather the Forex should be accessible to everybody.

It has been the mission of Finexo to educate and guide individual investors while providing an unrivaled platform anyone can understand. By simplifying the process, educating investors and standing with them 24 hours a day, Finexo has become the premier Forex broker for every level of investors

Forex Place

Forex Place’s mission statement is to provide all of it’s traders with VIP service, a 24-hour 6 days a week highly professional multi-lingual customer service and dealing room that is primarily focussed on total customer satisfaction.

Forex Place’s highly specialized and dedicated team is here to serve you, the trader with the most up to date and comprehensive trading experience available.

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